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Dress by
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Best friends by Catcoconut
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    Best friends by Catcoconut

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  7. They literally defeat the bad guy using friendship. That’s such a gloriously uncynical idea, and to make it the cornerstone of a massive franchise-starter populated by sarcastic degenerates is unexpected and affecting. So many comic-book movies focus on a lone hero who’s forced by grim fate to go it alone. Guardians of the Galaxy realizes that you only get by with a little help from your friends.
    —In which Vulture accurately sums up what is so important/amazing/perfect/necessary about Best Movie of the Summer Guardians of the Galaxy. (via whattheshea)
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How I imagine Fox was this morning…
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    What girls look for in a guy

    -Nice hair
    -Leather jacket
    -Great taste in music
    -Laser guns
    -Pelvic sorcery
    -Peter Quill

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MCM: more like Chris-mas all day, ~everyday~
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